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With 3-2-1 CURewards Points

You'll earn great rewards when you make purchases with your Arbor Financial credit card. You can opt for cash back or gift cards, travel deals, electronics, and much more.

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The more you buy, the more you get back

Arbor Financial credit cards offer great rates and incredible buying power. And a lot more. Our 3-2-1 Rewards program puts extra muscle in every purchase. You'll pile up points that you can use for all sorts of exciting products and services. Just apply online, and we'll pitch in 2,500 points to get you started.  Already have an Arbor Financial Advantage or Rewards card?  You don't have to do a thing.  You now have these great benefits attached to your card!

  • 3X Reward points for restaurants and travel purchases
  • 2X Reward points for gas and groceries
  • 1X Reward points for everything else
  • Points redeemable for cash back, travel, electronics and more
  • Rates as low as 9.25% APR*
  • Get 2,500 free points when your card is activated
  • Get 500 points for signing up for eStatements
  • Points never expire*

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